Bobbie McCord - Bing Ads Certified Professional

Working part-time yet still providing quality services, Bobbie McCord has been working in the family business for years.

Bobbie McCord is a part-time employee at McCord Web Services. She is a Bing Ads Certified Professional and has been working in the family business since high school. She is currently a fifth year student in Architecture at Virginia Tech. In her free time she does social media, Google Ads, and Microsoft Advertising /Bing Ads account updates.

Currently Interning in Architecture

Currently, Bobbie is interning at MTFA Architecture in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. Bobbie is enthusiastic about incorporating nature into modern architectural design, and will be returning to Virginia Tech for her fifth year to explore her thesis based on that concept.

She studied at the WAAC in Alexandria for her senior year, and traveled to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for five weeks with House + House Architects on an Architectural Travel Program, a destination she cannot wait to return to!

The use of bright colors and incorporation of a vibrant culture are elements close to her heart. She recently won second place with her team during the Interschool Design Competition held at the National Building Museum, and has been the Head of Social Media at the WAAC's AIAS chapter. She excels in 2D renderings, site planning, and schematic diagramming.

Get to Know Bobbie Personally

Bobbie's interests include eating delicious food, visiting art museums, and creating various graphic design-based commissions for friends and strangers alike. She is artistic in all areas from acrylic painting, poetry, bracelet weaving, singing, and poster design.

Bobbie is an award winning young artist with an eye for color and design. She was the Social media chair for Silhouette Literary & Art Magazine, where her work has been featured three times. She is currently the Head of Social Media for the WAAC AIAS. She has been unofficially appointed the Social Media Liaison at the MTFA Architecture office, and is helping the firm with their online presence.

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Did you know...

Bobbie McCord loves to travel and has been to many National Parks across the country and in Canada on family vacations. She recently traveled to Mexico on a special architecture study and travel program that she paid for herself from work savings.

On Travel in Mexico

Bobbie McCord

Bobbie loves to travel. This shot is from a recent trip to Mexico.