Our Credentials – Google Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner

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Google Partner Specializing in Google Ads Advertising

McCord Web Services LLC is a Google Partner. Only select advertising agencies may qualify for Google Partner status. To be Partners with either platform, we are required to have more than one strategist, provide professional advertising services as an advertising agency, and at least one of our team members must be certified in all areas.

For Google Partner status at our volumne level two employees must be certified in Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads, and Video Ads and any other employees must be certified in Search Ads. At McCord Web Services, both of our account managers are fully certified with Google Ads in all areas. The exams are difficult and take nearly 10 hours each in study and preparation. The exam score must be over 80% to receive the sepecfic certification badge.


Microsoft Advertising Partner

Microsoft Advertising 2024 Partner Badge

Only highly trained and skilled professionals who have passed rigorous examinations in the use of the Microsoft Advertising platform are validated as Microsoft Advertising Certified Professionals. Our firm, McCord Web Services, is a Microsoft Advertising Partner.

The exams to become a MAC Professional are extremely rigorous. Each of the required three exam requires more than 40 hours of study. The exam score must be at least 80% to receive the badge for that focus area.

For an advertising agency to become a Microsoft Advertising Partner, one employee must be MAC certified. Other employees must have at least the Search Ads badge. Nancy McCord is a Microsoft Advertising Certified (MAC) Professional. She is certified in Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Native & Display Ads. Christopher Harper is certified in Search Ads.

As you check other service providers, look for the correct year on their Microsoft Advertising Partner badge. Only truly certified agencies will have the valid badge which will have the year on the left side of the Microsoft Advertising Partner badge image.

If your account manager is not credentialed and certified, you need to chat with us about how we can help you get the most from Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Questions on Working with Credentialed Professionals?

Our training, experience, and required testing to maintain our certifications give us the edge over other professional services.

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