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Google Ads management services from a trusted Google Partner that specializes in Google Ads — it is our experience and qualification that makes all the difference.

Set Up, Management, Optimization, Consulting

Google Partners are monitored by Google to meet certain qualifications, but it is our depth of experience in diverse business sectors that is what truly sets us apart from other account managers.

We are the Google Ads performance marketing strategists that other advertising agencies trust to manage their own clients. View our credentials.

McCord Web Services has created a unique business-friendly program to help you get started with Google Ads fast and with the professional support and expertise you need it.

When you select us as your account manager, we work hard to provide the results you desire, treat you fairly, and are good stewards of your advertising budget while billing our fees at a flat rate fee to cover our overhead plus a percentage of the managed ad spend.

Google Ads management is a core business for us. We have managed up to $3.5 million per year in ad spend for clients. A number of our clients are spending more than $50,000 per month on clicks. We can manage large and small accounts with affordable management fees that boost your return on investment.

McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and Nancy McCord, CEO and founder of McCord Web Services LLC and Christopher Harper are individually certified in all areas of Google Ads.

Nancy McCord and Christopher Harper, our Google Ads Strategists, have studied numerous hours on over 110 Google Ads topics in 9 different content areas. They have both passed Google's rigorous exam, completed a monitored Google Ads internship period, and managed numerous client accounts with ad spends of $700 to $50,000 per month. Both have been Google Ads Certified Professionals for several years. Our team is masterfully proficient in use of Google Ads tools and is customer satisfaction-focused. We invite you to read the comments and ratings that our firm has received from our clients.

Why McCord Web Services?

There are several reasons why you should use our Google Ads management services over firms.

1. You save more when you compare our management fees with that of other strategists.

2. We have found that the high level of management time we spend in the first eight weeks pays off in getting your Google Ads account started out right, and allows us to rapidly test strategies to start lead generation fast.

3. As Google Partners specializing in Google Ads, we are tested and monitored by Google. Many other services do not carry this credential and so may not be up to date on advanced Google Ads tools and campaign management strategies. Read more about the value of a Google Partner. We are specialized and certified by Google with a specialization in Google's search ads, shopping ads, display ads, and video ads.

4. We think that once you talk to one of our experts, you'll understand that it is the depth of experience, knowledge, experience in generating leads for clients, and a passion for Google Ads that is what sets us apart from other management companies.

Did you know?

We bill differently for our Google Ads management services. Our fees are billed at a flat rate fee plus a % of the managed spend. Typically our fees will be less than a typical agency. We have priced our services to be small- to medium-sized business friendly and know that your investment in our services will be repaid with increased leads and phone calls.

A lower management fee does not mean less quality or less skill – it is just our way of helping clients to have professional services without significantly adding to their overhead.



Being a Google Partner & Certified Google Ads Professionals gives us the superior expertise & training to deliver the results you need to get a better ROI.



Regular management of your pay per click advertising account by our Google Ads Certified staff improves account targeting and performance.



Specializing in leads and conversions, our efforts are to maximize sales and prospects helping to make Google Ads an investment in the growth of your business.


Noun. Expert skill or knowledge in a particular field. "It was hard to find someone with expertise in Google Ads that could make difficult concepts understandable. McCord Web Service has an unusual combination of expert skills."