Microsoft Advertising Management Prices

We are transparent! Unlike other agencies we post our pricing so you know what to expect.

Our typical Microsoft Advertising client will start in Google Ads and have success there before migrating what has been successful into the Microsoft Advertising control panel. Set up of the account and migration of select campaigns and ad groups typically takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

Once the program is running, management is merged with Google Ads management fees and we then split our account management time between the two control panels. We will bill for services based on the combined Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising scheduled ad spend and ad groups.

Monthly Management Fees

In the third phase, which is billed monthly, we monitor your ads each week as needed and fine-tune your program for conversions and clicks. You receive a monthly report from us and have the option to schedule a monthly conference call on account strategy.

During our on-going management phase, we monitor your account and communicate any changes or improvements that would be helpful as we see them. In many cases, these updates can be made within the time you have purchased.

We email a executive summary of the previous month's account activity on the first business day of each month. Your management fee is determined by whichever is greater, scheduled ad spend or number of active ad groups and is adjusted monthly.


Service Level Price Ad Groups 30 Day Ad Spend
Phone Support with 15 min. Monthly Strategy Call $315 9 to 12 $3,501 to $4,500
Phone Support with 15 min. Monthly Strategy Call $360 12 to 15 $4,501 to $5,500
By Contract $90 per hour 15+ $5,500+


Did you know?

We are Microsoft Advertising Partners and we employ Bing Ads Certified Professionals to make all strategic decisions on account performance.

The Microsoft Advertising Partner Difference

1. You save even more when you compare our services to other managers that charge 5-10% of your Microsoft Advertising ad spend.

2. During the first four weeks we monitor, tweak, and actively manage your Microsoft Advertising account compared to other services that may monitor/manage only one time a week. We have found that the high level of management time we spend in the first four weeks pays off in getting your Microsoft Advertising account started out right, and allows us to rapidly test strategies to start conversion activity fast.

3. As Microsoft Advertising Partners, we are examined Bing. Many other services do not carry this credential and so may not be up to date on advanced Microsoft Advertising tools and campaign management strategies.

4. We think that once you talk to our expert, Nancy McCord, you'll understand that it is her depth of experience, knowledge, experience in generating leads for clients, and passion for Microsoft Advertising that is what set us apart from other services.