Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Solutions that work to provide results in improvement in organic placement.

SEO Services Provided to Current Clients

Artificial intelligence has changed the face of organic search making visibility more complicated to achieve.

Trust the McCord Web Services experts for search engine optimization.

How organic placement is determined on search engines has changed significantly in the past several years and is still evolving. Google states that it evaluates over 200 different factors to determine website placement on their search engine, including your mobile version of your website. On top of that, no longer can a service firm optimize a website based on a set of keyword phrases and expect placement to be the same for every reader.

Now, search engine results are personalized and many AI generated; and with the integration of AI delivering more meaningful in-depth information based on search queries, the world of search and organic is positioned for a revolutionary change in how we react with search engines and how organic results are delivered.

We provide search engine optimization services to our existing Google Ads clients only and do have a waiting list. Some of the items we include in our search engine optimization package include:

  • Robust analysis for creation of keyword targets.
  • Implementation of analyzed keywords into a program in Google Ads for near term performance.
  • Blog content creation and installation to maximize opportunities for placement on analyzed target placement keywords.
  • Extensive review of the existing website and plan for improvement of current content.
  • Monthly analysis with a report to you on activities and data on improvement against targets.
  • Analysis of your competition and program to improve against their placement.

Initial Evaluation and Marketing Plan – $800-$1,000

The first step is evaluation. This service provides for an initial review of your website placement on, review of your website source code files, consideration of the difficulty in moving your site up organically based on your competition, and our recommendations with a plan of action based on your budget.

This summary is an executive overview and does not provide intensive keyword discovery or statistical research. It does however provide for a review of your Google Analytics website statistics, your number of inbound links, and our recommendations on actions to take based on the budget you have available. Please be aware that we are not a good technology match for every website.

Our initial evaluation should be considered as a guide or long term plan that helps you, as the site owner, to evaluate where best to spend money based on your own unique situation to improve your online visibility.

We do not provide search engine optimization services for every client that approaches us unfortunately. Please contact us for a free conversation on if our services might be a match for your needs. In fact, you must be one of our current Google Ads clients to qualify for this specialized service.

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