Bandit Dressed in Black – D.O.G. (Director of Goodness)

We love our new fur-baby! Our owner has recent added a pup to the McCord Web Services family.

Bandit is a purebred Miniature American Shepherd, better known as a mini Aussie. He is full of sass and the delight of Nancy and Michael McCord. He is almost two years old and still learning how to D.O.G.

Bandit is the company's mascot and will be appearing in videos in the future. For now, you can follow him on Instagram and laugh at his antics and commentary written by Bobbie McCord.

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It's All About Bandit

Our Company Pet and Mascot is Bandit

D.O.G. – (Director of Goodness)

Bandit Dressed in Black

Our Director of Goodness helps our team to break-out, kick-back and enjoy the simpler things in life such as throwing a ball or getting a snuggle from a pup-cutie.