Peaches & Bagheera C.A.T.s (Customer Appreciation Trainers)

We love our new cat-children! Two of our team members have recent additions to their families.


Bagheera, our newest team member lives in Columbia, Maryland with Rebecca. He also is a new addition to a team member's family. Plush and velvety, this all black cat has thumbs and an unusual naturally docked tail. Tiny yet with a powerful meow, Bagheera is learning to speak human language while Rebecca learns to speak cat.

Bagheera comes to visit the main office on occasion and may end up wearing a baby onesey as our staff has cat-baby fever.


Peaches lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia with Christopher and Sarah. She is a new addition to their family. Silky smooth, unusually peach-striped for a female cat, Peaches is aptly named for her color. Her saucy personality and energy keep these two cat-parents busy day AND night.

Peaches comes to visit the main office on occasion and suddenly becomes the center of attention, much to her delight.

Bandit – Dressed in Black

Not a C.A.T. but rather a D.O.G. (Doing Overall Good). Bandit is the newest member of our team. Bandit is a Miniature American Shepherd (Miniature Australian Shepherd) and the fur-baby of Nancy and Michael McCord.

Bandit is the company's mascot and will be appearing in videos in the future. You can follow him on Instagram.

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It's All About Peaches This Month

Our Featured C.A.T. is Peaches

C.A.T. – Customer Appreciation Trainer


Our Customer Appreciation Trainers help our team to break-out, kick-back and enjoy the simpler things in life such as a purr or a soft snuggle from a cat-cutie.