William McCord – IT Consultant

Working part-time yet still providing quality services, William McCord has been working in the family business for years.

William McCord, worked with our firm in the summer of 2016 as a part-time web design assistant. Prior to that William was a social media specialist for our clients. He now operates as our IT Consultant for internal services.

William is a graduate from the University of Mary Washington with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Science with an interest in programming, GIS, and cyber security. He works full-time at one of the Navy's high tech development laboratories in the area.

With a passion for computer programming, William has helped to implement and tweak complex scripting for Google Ads account automation as well as fine-tune HTML and CSS for website design projects. As a part-time employee, he is involved with Nancy McCord in design projects and SEO tactic implementation.

The last two summers as our intern, he has focused on WordPress management, site design customization, website security, mobile-friendly newsletters, and Google Ads script automation implementation.

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Did you know?

William has a B.S. in Computer science.

Interested in All Things Computer-Oriented

William McCord

William speaks our language and is an asset to the web design part of our business. His knowledge of code, HTML, and programming allows Nancy McCord to work more efficiently for clients.