Paid Advertising (PPC) Services

Our partner status and credentials are what makes us different.

Pay per Click Advertising Is Effective in Driving Leads

Paid advertising is the fastest way to generate quality leads using Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Drive more leads and traffic with paid advertising.

Sponsored Ads or Pay per Click

These are just different names for the same marketing approach. Where you are billed by a search engine for a click on a paid ad.

Pay per click or paid advertising drives targeted leads quickly; with Google Ads being the best and most productive platform to use. With a myriad number of settings our account strategists can target ads to serve by location, language, time of day, and to specific demographics. We regularly utilize conversion value settings with a target Return on Ad Spend setting for our clients. Google Ads has the widest reach of all the ad platforms and will drive the most and highest quality leads.

Google Ads

We have a three phased program called Quick Start™. In this specialized business-friendly program, we start quickly to generate leads and search activity. We will do keyword research, craft ad versions, communicate with you regularly, and provide detailed reporting and analysis. The set up fee includes the first four weeks of account management.

The second four week fee is lower than the set up and initial phase. We continue to provide detailed insights and regular communication with you as we test additional keywords, targeting, and bidding methods to try to get the highest number of leads at the lowest market cost.

Monthly thereafter, our fee is based on your ad spend and may change from month to month based on your budget increases or decreases.

We work to provide value to you in all we do and schedule monthly phone calls to assure that the results you want and we work to deliver are on target based on your phone calls and leads received.

Microsoft Advertising

We recommend only mature Google Ads accounts add Microsoft Advertising to their marketing mix. This allows proven converting programs to be imported into Microsoft Advertising. With a smaller reach then Google, Microsoft Advertising, serving ads on, Duck Duck Go, and other great platforms, can still deliver good conversion results.

We bill our time by the hour for set up in Microsoft Advertising, and then our management fee is based on the combined ad spend of Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Why McCord Web Services?

There are several reasons why you should use our Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising set up and management services.

1. You save more when you compare our fee structure with that of other strategists.

2. We have found that the high level of management time we spend in the first eight weeks pays off in getting your Google Ads account started out right, and allows us to rapidly test strategies to start lead generation fast.

3. As Google Partners specializing in Google Ads, we are tested and monitored by Google. Many other services do not carry this credential and so may not be up to date on advanced Google Ads tools and campaign management strategies. Read more about the value of a Google Partner. We, however, are specialized and certified by Google with a specialization in Google's search ads, shopping ads, display ads, and video ads.

4. We think that once you talk to one of our experts, you'll understand that it is the depth of experience, knowledge, experience in generating leads for clients, and a passion for both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising that is what sets us apart from other account management companies.

5. Our team takes an honest approach to helping solve problems. Although we are not a good match for every client, we may just be the perfect resource for you!

Transparency in All We Do

As you browse our website, you will see that we operate transparently. Unusual in our industry, we publish price ranges or typical client fees; allowing you know what to expect. We also detail our services, so you can compare our services with others as you evaluate which firm can best handle your advertising and business needs.

Our mission is to change the face of business through innovation and personal example, while never losing sight of our key commitment to integrity, sound advice, and trustworthy financial stewardship. We are committed to helping businesses grow by leveraging search engine exposure using paid and unpaid methods.

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